How far in advance should I book online?

To request a shift or a transfer through our Online Booking Platform with Transfer Galicia, you must realize it with a minimum of time which is between 8 and 12 hours before, to be processed by the system. You have to indicate us the hour and the day of the service, choose the pickup point and the destination, the passenger number, and the vehicle you want to make your transfer.

In the case that you want to book a Tourist Tour, the journeys are perfectly detailed in the information. In the case you have to make a last-minute booking of an urgent nature, you have to put in contact with us by phone.

What vehicle would you send me for my booking?

We have vehicles of 4 seats + driver with the same price range for the client and vehicles of up to 8 seats + driver with the same price range for the client. The vehicle availability would depend on the driver availability. If , for example, you select to your transfer a car like an Hyundai i 40 and is not available, we send you other available that would be a Passat, a Skoda Super B or a Mercedes Class E.

In the case that you select a vehicle of 7 to 8 seats, it would happen the same.

If you want a particular car for your transfer, contact with us.

How much luggage can we carry?

As a guideline, the approximate capacity of the vehicles, tourism type, for up to 4 seats plus driver is of two big suitcases or three mediums. Is considered as a large suitcase the one whose maximum dimensions are 80x50x30 centimeters and a maximum weight of 20 kilograms, which, in any case, represents a maximum weight of 40 kilograms of luggage if the contracted vehicle is one of those with up to 4 seats plus driver. Vehicles with more than four seats plus driver have a capacity of approximately one large suitcase per passenger.

In case of luggage excess, please contact us.

Prices incluyen VAT and tolls?

Our budgets always include VAT and tolls.

Baby Seats and Child Booster?

Disposal of a baby pram for different ages and stroller for our clients, and children car seat approved for all ages (prior notice).

Car seat for babies or children?

Childrens’ seat approved for all ages and vehicles (prior notice).

Can I Travel with my Pet?

Pets are allowed (prior notice).